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Adidas Group tuyển dụng vị trí Executive Assistant

Adidas Group tuyển dụng vị trí Executive Assistant, cụ thể như sau:

Location Ho Chi Minh City
Job Function Administrative
Key Responsibilities: Reporting / Budgeting / Controlling

  • Works with all apparel departments/divisions on apparel monthly / yearly reports (production capacity planning, factory profiles, delivery performance, quality, personnel, finance, costing, development, production) and provides the information to Apparel Management.
  • Assists Country Manager in expense and investment budget planning for Apparel operations.
  • Coordinates confidentially with Human Resources in general personnel activities that are required by the Country Manager.


  • Provides administrative support for Country Manager (e-mails, message communication, agenda preparation,/ meeting coordination, appointments, travel arrangements, general executive secretarial duties)

Coordination / Organization

  • Assumes full responsibility for organizing all events related to Apparel Operations i.e. Apparel Management Meetings, Country Management Meetings, Summits, Factory Management Meetings.
  • Supports Global Apparel Sourcing and other Apparel Operations activities within Asia LO’s and aSL HQ.
  • Facilitates communications regarding Apparel Sourcing activities among adidas organizations (Logistics / Costing, Quality, Development, Licensees).
  • Is fully informed and aware of factors likely to impact adidas Vietnam Apparel Operations strategy and direction.
  • Acquires and maintains full working knowledge of all adidas information.
  • Forms and maintains relationships with key organizational colleagues in Apparel organization, other corporate functions and manufacturers.
  • Coordinates Country Manager’s schedule
Requisite Education/Experience:
  • Diploma or degree from educational entity focusing on business administration or related field.
  • General knowledge of business systems with 5 year experience in administration.
  • Understanding of Budgeting process.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • English is a must.  Other language skills beneficial.
  • Extensive computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point).
  • Highly motivated aggressive self-starter.


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