600 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm và đáp án môn Tiếng Anh ôn thi công chức, viên chức trình độ A1 năm 2019

Giá: 100,000

Bộ câu hỏi bao gồm 600 câu hỏi trắc nghiệp và đáp án phục vụ cho việc ôn thi công chức, viên chức môn Tiếng Anh trình độ A1 (hoặc tương đương) khung năng lực ngoại ngữ Việt Nam theo quy định tại Thông tư số 01/2014/TT-BGDĐT ngày 24/01/2014 của Bộ Giáo dục và Đào tạo ban hành khung năng lực ngoại ngữ 6 bậc dùng cho Việt Nam.

Một số câu hỏi minh họa tài liệu:

1. Who are all ________ people?
A. this B. those C. them D. that
2. Claude is ________.
A. Frenchman B. a French C. a Frenchman D. French man
3. I ____ a car next year.
A. buy B. am buying C. going to buy D. bought
4. They are all ________ ready for the party.
A. getting B. going C. doing D. putting
5. When do you go ________ bed?
A. to B. to the C. in D. in the
6. London is famous for _____ red buses.
A. it’s B. its C. it D. it is
7. Is there _____ milk in the fridge?
A. a lot B. many C. much D. some
8. There is a flower shop in front _____ my house.
A. of B. to C. off D. in
9. Where are _____ children? – They go to school.
A. the B. you C. a D. an
10. Those students are working very _____ for their next exams.
A. hardly B. hard C. harder D. hardest
11. Jane _____ as a fashion designer for ten years before becoming a famous singer.
A. worked B. is working C. works D. will work
12. Dan can _____ the drum very well.
A. play B. do C. make D. think
13. My friend is ______ so she has a lot of free time.
A. singer B. married C. single D. free
14. I know somebody ________ can play the guitar.
A. he B. who C. what D. that he
15. Did you ask your father ________ some money?
A. 0 B. after C. on D. for
16. You look ________ in red!
A. most nicely B. too nice C. nicely D. very nice
17. We know their address, but they don’t know ________.
A. ours B. their’s C. our’s D. our
18. Can you use ________ computer?
A. a B. one C. two D. an
19. Under no circumstances ________ or exchanged.
A.  good will be returned B. goods should be returned C. can good be returned D.  are goods being returned
20. Frank ________ when he noticed a large packing case lying on the floor
A. has about to leave B. had about to leave C. is about to leave D. was about to leave
21. He ________ newspapers for ten years.
A. is selling B. sells C. has been selling D. has been sold
22. This luggage is quite similar to ________.
A. that one B. those C. in additional D.  that
23. The doctor showed the new nurse ________ to do.
A. what B. that C. how D. as
24. Frede came to the meeting but Charles ________.
A. isn’t B. hasn’t C. didn’t D. wasn’t
25. What does he ________ for a living?
A. make B. does C. do D. makes
26. The murderer was ________ yesterday.
A. hanging B. hung C. hanged D. hang
27. Don’t let your brothers ________ the present.
A. to see B. seeing C. seen D.see
28. No, thank you, I don’t ________ sugar in tea.
A. take B. put C. eat D. drink
29. My cousin ________ bank manager.
A. is a B. makes C. is D. he is
30. She’s talking to you. Please listen to ________.
A. she B. hers C. her D. him